DaVinci : A light-weighted InfoVis Framework

DaVinci is an opensource project which targets on designing a light weighted information visualization framework for visualization component and application developments. When compared with some other projects such as Prefuse, Peony and The InfoVis Toolkit, this project focused on providing the simplest interfaces and architectures that facilitate efficent agile devlopment. This project is initially designed for my personal usage of the Ph.D study at HKUST. Currently, the project is released under the MIT open source license. Some of the packages and files are ported from other projects such as Prefuse. Please follow their licenses if you want to use these packages. (Download Davinci from GitHub )

Peony : An integeraged InfoVis Platform

The major goal of Peony is to design and develop an integrated Information Visualization (InfoVis) development platform which can handle both structured and unstructured data and plug in various kinds of analysis methods from different domains. Rather than being a low level InfoVis development toolkit, it is targeted at the full range of InfoVis users, including the InfoVis application designers from various application domains, the InfoVis component designers, and the professional InfoVis algorithm designers. Various interaction techniques and visualization algorithms are supported in different separable modules, making it easy to build different visualizations by composing them in different ways. By now, Peony contains a lot of reusalbe visualization components, style widgets, and interaction widgests and is aopted by over 50 projects inside and outside Research. I was the chief architect and designer of Peony.


  • Peony : A Light Weighted Interactive InfoVis Toolkit, HCHI 2006 (in Chinese)